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Echopanel Screens

Our Most Flexible Screen System Yet.

AWM Echopanel screens offer a customisable solution for workstation privacy, combining acoustic felt panels with innovative bracket solutions for effectiveness. Precision-cut in Sydney, they adapt to unique workspace needs, with options including 'Kingston' screens in 12mm or 24mm thickness and 'Jaffa' clamp-on screens compatible with the 12mm panel, available in wrap-around or linear formats.

Australian Made
Features / Specifications
Matte, Metal, Timber
Australian Made
10 years
Lead Time
4 - 6 weeks
  • Tailored solution for visual and acoustic privacy, enhancing workspace comfort.
  • Versatile use, complementing various workstation scenarios and environments.
  • Utilises 12 or 24mm acoustic felt panels for effective noise reduction and acoustic insulation.
  • Precision-cut screen panels, allowing customisation of profile, size, and corner details.
  • Options include Echopanel ‘Kingston’ screens in 12mm or 24mm panel thickness and Echopanel ‘Jaffa’ above-desk clamp-on screens (compatible with 12mm panel thickness).
  • Available as wrap-around screens or linear panels to suit different workspace configurations.
  • Wrap-around screens feature a 100mm internal corner radius as standard, with the option for custom screen profiles and corner radiuses.
  • Screen brackets available in standard black and white powder coat finishes, adding a touch of aesthetic elegance.
  • Proudly manufactured in Australia, supporting local production and sustainability.
  • Creates a well-balanced blend of functionality, style, and acoustic comfort for your workspace needs.



Screens can be manufactured to suit design specifications. Please see the specification guide for more information.
Care & Maintenance
Cleaning Instructions

Easily clean with a damp cloth


At AWM, we wholeheartedly believe it’s our responsibility to leave this planet in a better condition for generations to come, which is why we aim to recycle as much material during production as possible.
100% of the timber, melamine, particle board, steel, aluminium, cardboard, and Echopanel® offcuts used in our workplace solutions are sent back to the supplier to reuse for new products, contributing to a circular economy.
For instance, Polytec uses our timber and melamine offcuts to make white carcass board, which we use for joinery and locker applications. We also use Woven Image’s GreenTag™ certified Echopanel products, made from 60% post-consumer recycled PET, with all of our offcut materials contributing to new product.

Health & Safety

Safety is the top concern on any workplace. This is no different at AWM, whether it is on our factory floor or one of our offices. We are committed to the health and safety of all our team members, visitors, and clients. If you have any questions about the health and safety standards for any of our solutions, please get in touch.


Tailored Customisation

These screens offer a high level of customisation to suit your specific workspace needs. You can specify critical details such as the profile, size, and corner radius of the screen panels, allowing you to create a truly bespoke solution that aligns with your design preferences and workstation requirements.


Acoustic Performance

With Echopanel screens, you have the option of  12 or 24mm acoustic felt panels. This not only enhances visual privacy but also provides effective acoustic insulation, reducing noise and creating a quieter and more focused work environment. The acoustic benefits make them a valuable addition to open office spaces or areas where noise control is essential.

Australian made

We proudly design and manufacture our commercial furniture and joinery in our Fairfield factory in Sydney NSW, allowing us to service the broader Australian market with a speed and flexibility few others can match.

Acknowledgement of land

Australian Workspace Manufacturers & AWM Amaroo acknowledge the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples as the first inhabitants of this nation and the traditional custodians of the lands where we live, learn and work.

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