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Jade Lounge

The Perfect Balance

The Jade highback lounge presents a remarkable blend of adaptability suitable for various commercial contexts. Choose between the timber base option or the option without feet to lay the foundation for your desired look. The Jade lounge features a distinctive two-tone custom fabric, allowing you to create a piece that resonates with your aesthetic. Whether you select a single, double, or 3-seater option, the highback design discreetly lends a touch of semi-privacy, making it perfect for cozy conversations.

Features / Specifications
Timber, Upholstery
10 years
Lead Time
3 - 4 weeks
  • Choice of timber base or footless option
  • Available in standard or wide back designs
  • Width options: 1-seater or 2-seater
  • Base options: Glides or Timber Base
  • Two-tone custom fabric upholstery
  • Available in single, double, or 3-seater configurations
  • High back design offers semi-privacy for discreet conversations
Medium Back 1 Seater
700W x 600D x 770H x 450SH
Medium Back 1 Seater Timber Base
700W x 600D x 720H x 450SH
Wide Medium Back 1 Seater
1000W x 830D x 840H x 430SH
Wide High Back 1 Seater
1000W x 830D x 1140H x 430SH
Wide Medium Back 1 Seater Timber Base
1000W x 830D x 840H x 430SH
Wide High Back 1 Seater Timber Base
1000W x 830D x 1140H x 430SH
Medium Back 2 Seater Timber Base
1500W x 600D x 720H x 450SH
Wide Medium Back 2 Seater
1830W x 830D x 840H x 430SH
Wide High Back 2 Seater
1830W x 830D x 1140H x 430SH
Wide Medium Back 2 Seater Timber Base
1830W x 830D x 840H x 430SH
Wide High Back 2 Seater Timber Base
1830W x 830D x 1140H x 430SH
Care & Maintenance
Cleaning Instructions

Easily clean with a damp cloth

Health & Safety

Safety is the top concern on any workplace. This is no different at AWM, whether it is on our factory floor or one of our offices. We are committed to the health and safety of all our team members, visitors, and clients. If you have any questions about the health and safety standards for any of our solutions, please get in touch.


Elegant Curves

The Jade highback lounge captivates with its aesthetic finesse, a perfect union of versatility and elegance suited for both residential and commercial spaces. The lounge’s distinct allure lies in its subtle yet striking design elements. The gently curving top of the lounge gracefully extends outward, imparting a unique visual character that sets it apart from traditional highback lounges. This stylistic touch not only enhances its standout look but also evokes a sense of sophistication and modernity


Sculpted Support

Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, the Jade highback lounge offers a blend of quality materials and versatile options. Choose your preferred aesthetic by opting for the timber base or the footless option, setting the tone for your lounge’s overall look. Tailor the lounge further with the choice between standard and wide back designs, and select from the 1-seater or 2-seater width options. The Jade lounge not only promises a luxurious seating experience but also empowers you to curate a piece that seamlessly aligns with your space and style.

Australian made

We proudly design and manufacture our commercial furniture and joinery in our Fairfield factory in Sydney NSW, allowing us to service the broader Australian market with a speed and flexibility few others can match.

Acknowledgement of land

Australian Workspace Manufacturers & AWM Amaroo acknowledge the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples as the first inhabitants of this nation and the traditional custodians of the lands where we live, learn and work.

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