LoQit Locker Management

A Flexible Locker Management System.

LoQit is a flexible smart locker solution provided with a web portal for management, reader on each locker bank or reader on each locker door. Additional options include a keypad on each locker door, biometric reader on each locker bank and locker control via smartphone.

This solution is a full IP solution enabling a flexible installation that is managed via a web browser, with multiple integration possibilities including Active Directory, Access Control system integration and integration to any other business system via a web services SOAP XML and REST API integration module enabling a completely flexible and open solution.

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Remote Management.


Management of the system is by the LoQit web interface, accessible from anywhere in any web browser on a PC, tablet or mobile phone. Administrators can view and control all aspects of the locker system including locker door status open/closed, available/occupied, fixed assigned/temporary, and blocked/available. Lockers can be changed by administrators from fixed or temporary depending on usage, users can be assigned to groups such as neighbourhood locker groups or disabled locker groups enabling a DDA compliant solution.

Touch Screen Interface.


Lockers can be assigned from the web dashboard or users may be assigned to a group of lockers which they are permitted to claim a locker from. Users can also be assigned to designated locker groups to enable sharing of team lockers. Locker groups can be used to designate lockers to different teams or tenants. Users are able to use the touch screen interface to claim a temporary locker, or to access their locker if they have been assigned one already.

Seamlessly Integrated.


The LoQit Locker Management system can be fully integrated into any of AWM’s Australian made locker units. AWM manufacture and install bulkheads, pelmets, cover panels, fillers and kickboards, enabling the LoQit hardware to be seamlessly integrated regardless of the requirements of a space. Please view our Lockers product page Here to view AWM’s full range of made to order locker configurations.

Hardwired IP network based electronic locking system providing security and management via a network web portal.

RFID swipe code access to individual lockers, with pin-code access available through an optional touchscreen interface.

Lockers can also be accessed through the LoQit web portal and apps for IOS and Android.

Further access options can be integrated into the system at any stage, including NFC, bluetooth, barcode, and biometric readers.

Internal lighting and USB charging port integrated to each individual lock unit.

Locks can be adapted to suit any cabinet door or drawer scenario.

Warranty: Limited Lifetime

Touch Screen Panel & Integrated Card Reader:

225mmW x 230mmL

The Locker Management System


The LoQit LMS may be accessed via the online application. This means that the administrator can perform his management tasks via any mobile device, but also from a stationary PC. After log-in, the administrator opens the LoQit LMS Dashboard. The administrator may also create sub-administrators. These are users who have more rights than regular users. This includes, for instance, team leaders who may open a locker in an emergency.

In case of an emergency or a safety check, the administrator can open all lockers in a certain locker block at the touch of a button on the Dashboard. As well as using the LoQit LMS, the administrator also has the option of performing their management tasks via the touch screen terminal.

Touch Screen Terminal


During terminal operation, the user has to present their staff ID card at the terminal in order to claim a locker. The terminal then assigns a free locker. The Terminal can also be used by the user to open their locker using their assigned pin code, or to return their locker when they are finished or want to relocate to another locker.

The Master Card function allows an administrator to clear lockers, open an individual or all lockers, block a locker or manually add a card to the system.

User Management


The administrator may perform their management tasks in two ways, using either the Touch Screen Terminal or through the LoQit LMS web interface.

By presenting a Master Card at a Touch Screen Terminal, the administrator can open the management menu. This menu makes it possible to open specific lockers, to release specific lockers, to open all lockers, to open all free lockers, or to open all occupied lockers. This applies to the lockers that are linked to the terminal in question. In the case of door operation, the administrator may open any given locker with his/her administrator badge by presenting this badge.

The administrator may access the LoQit LMS Dashboard from a stationary computer or a mobile device. The administrator can then utilise the simplest management options (opening a specific locker, opening a locker wall), or he may perform more extensive management tasks, such as releasing a locker or linking an employee to a certain locker.