Customs House, Canberra

complete custom kitchen island table top

Working hand in hand with the talented designers at Wool+Hay, we had the privilege of creating custom tables that not only serve as functional pieces but also make subtle yet interesting statements within each space. Our focus was not only on aesthetics but also on providing comfort and stylish functionality for the staff of our valued clients.

The result is an interior fitout that exudes a contemporary and chic ambiance, perfectly suited for commercial spaces. The chosen colour palette is dominated by neutral tones, creating a clean and timeless aesthetic that seamlessly blends with any environment. However, strategically incorporated delicate hints of light colors throughout the space add a touch of character to the design, infusing it with vibrancy and warmth.

End User: Customs House

Designer: Wool + Hay

Builder: Built

Location: Canberra

Completion Date: 2022

Photography: Studio 23

custom meeting room table
collaboration seating