fully custom reception area made by AWM

We had the privilege of being tasked with a new challenge from our esteemed client IPDA of transforming Buck’s existing office into a modern and collaborative workspace that reflected the agency’s creative vision and supported their daily operations.

Buck is an international creative agency that specialises in creating visual effects, design, and animation for a variety of clients in the entertainment, advertising, and technology industries. With offices located across the globe, Buck has established itself as a leader in the creative industry, providing innovative solutions to clients seeking to enhance their brand and capture their audience’s attention.

A functional office that inspires collaboration, creativity and innovation while also encouraging focussed work was essential.

To solve this challenge Pinnacle workstations coupled with a Traceless Black worktop and Orio end screens in Augustus Olive were installed. We designed and built custom storage areas with a timber veneer finish at our Fairfield factory, which were then installed in reception and common areas to add warmth against the concrete walls.

End User: Buck

Designer: Wool + Hay

Builder: IPDA

Location: Surry Hills

Completion Date: 2023

fully custom joinery made by AWM

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