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Sonic Pathology

AWM were proudly engaged for a recent fitout for Graphite Projects, delivering an inspiring workplace for Sonic Pathology at Grosvenor Place in the Sydney CBD.

Sonic Pathology
Sydney CBD
Wool + Hay
Graphite Builders

Dynamic Workplace

The challenge was to design a space that not only met the specific needs of the client but also provided a seamless solution for power and data distribution. The goal was to create a dynamic workplace that promoted both individual focus and collaboration in an open-plan setting while maintaining a clean and uncluttered appearance.


Flexibility & Adaptability

Our solution included custom-designed workstations with integrated power and data distribution, enhancing the functionality of individual workstations and contributing to the overall acoustic performance of the space. The award-winning Drum+Base system was extensively used in executive offices and meeting rooms, providing flexibility and adaptability for various work tasks. The attention to detail in integrating power and data services within the drum base exemplifies our commitment to delivering a workspace that aligns with the needs of Sonic Pathology, Australia’s largest pathology provider.


Celebrating success with Sonic Pathology

We helped our clients create an innovative workspace and also provided Sonic Pathology with a cutting-edge office environment that seamlessly blended functionality and aesthetics. The use of our solutions, such as custom workstations and the award-winning Drum+Base system, not only addressed the client’s needs but also contributed to the workspace’s visual appeal. This project exemplifies our ability to deliver a workspace that aligns with the unique requirements of Australia’s largest pathology provider, Sonic Pathology, ultimately leading to a highly functional and visually appealing office environment.

Custom Workstation Spines

Our innovative workstation spines seamlessly integrated power and data distribution while enhancing acoustic performance and maintaining a clean appearance.

Drum+Base System

The award-winning Drum+Base system offered flexible work surfaces suitable for both focused work and collaboration, showcasing our commitment to adaptable workplace solutions.

Attention to Detail

Our meticulous coordination with builders and contractors ensured that power and data services were fully integrated within the furniture, underscoring their dedication to meeting the client’s specific requirements.

Australian made

We proudly design and manufacture our commercial furniture and joinery in our Fairfield factory in Sydney NSW, allowing us to service the broader Australian market with a speed and flexibility few others can match.

Acknowledgement of land

Australian Workspace Manufacturers & AWM Amaroo acknowledge the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples as the first inhabitants of this nation and the traditional custodians of the lands where we live, learn and work.

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