Drum+Base Range

Drum+Base Range is a series of customisable tables and workstations built upon an innovative base, offering a cantilevered work surface appropriate for focused, collaborative, or informal work. Designed and manufactured in Australia, the Drum+Base Range has the function, flexibility and strength required for commercial furniture, with the seamless form of a residential piece.

“We looked at the Drum+Base as we knew that two users would be at one position, we liked the simplicity of the base and also the cantilever nature of the original design – it was comfortable to sit at, there were no obstructions under the table, and it became intuitive for users as well.”

Kori Todd, Head of Design, Goodman

Drum+Base – Linear

The Drum+Base Linear workstation offers a configuration of our Drum+Base system which is better suited for open plan work areas, while maintaining the high quality, flexibility in design and practical benefits which the Drum+Base system is known for.

Drum+Base – Executive

The Drum+Base Executive workstation combines refined materials with a distinctive cantilevered 90-degree work surface to offer a workstation to suit any executive space. Utilising AWM’s Drum+Base system, this executive workstation is not only impressive but exceedingly practical in use.

Drum+Base – Media

Utilising either the standard Drum+Base understructure or a cylindrical 400mm diameter variant, the Drum+Base – Media table is perfect for smaller meeting rooms or collaboration areas, the cantilevered design and sit-to-stand work platform are perfectly suited for group user scenarios requiring flexibility and adaptability.

Drum+Base – Boardroom

Drum+Base – Boardroom tables utilise our Drum+Base system, presenting a distinctive, striking yet minimal meeting table design, with the advantages of a centralised leg structure leaving ample leg room around the entire perimeter of the table.