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Established in 1993 by mates Anthony Scotts and Ric Lewarne, AWM began in a modest backyard garage in Sydney, Australia. We now compete with the biggest local and international names in the industry, offering design, manufacture and supply of commercial furniture and joinery to projects of scale. We work closely with industry leading builders, architects, and designers to bring workplace concepts to life, and at AWM we pride ourselves on our flexibility, superior quality, and the ability to offer the best lead times in the industry.

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Ant/Ric, Director, AWM

You Can Rely on Australian Made


For the past xx years, AWM have operated from a heritage factory in Alexandria, on the outskirts of the Sydney CBD. This proximity and our manufacturing capabilities have allowed us to service the broader Australian market with a speed and flexibility few others can match. At AWM we never sit still. We are constantly testing, designing, and refining our products to suit the needs of the contemporary Australian workplace.

At AWM we are proud Australian manufacturers. We love nothing more than a challenge, and we are renowned for working closely with our clients to deliver customised solutions, on time, on budget and to exacting Australian standards. With our skilled and experienced design and production teams, alongside our unique and extensive manufacturing capacity and skilled craftsmen, we welcome any challenge.

Watch This Space


After years of planning and close to two? Years of construction, AWM’s brand new manufacturing complex is nearing completion. This 9000m2 facility located in Fairfield in Greater Western Sydney will further increase our manufacturing capacity while decreasing our footprint. An extensive solar panel array and high-capacity batteries will enable us to operate almost completely off-grid, and basement water tanks will capture up to xxxx litres of rainwater for reuse.

We have been very conscious of the environmental impacts a project of this size can have. This was one reason behind choosing locally produced steel frames, and why we opted to cast all 3xx wall panels onsite from local concrete. The process of moving in will begin in late 2021, with the facility due to be fully operational by early 2022.

“Some generic quote from Ant or Ric about the new factory and what it will mean for AWM etc etc”

Ant/Ric, Director, AWM

AWM is made up of 70 permanent staff members, diverse and passionate team …


Director & Founder

Ant Scotts

Anthony Scotts co-founded AWM in 1992…

Director & Founder

Ric Lewarne

Ric Lewarne co-founded AWM in 1993…

Sales Director

Kylie Eadie

Joining AWM in 2013, Kylie has enabled the company
to grow immensely since then. Bringing with over 26 years in the
construction industry, Kylie has a deep understanding of the
effort and focus required…

Senior Management

Operations Manager

Simon Skinner


Simon has been with AWM for 20 years, starting out as a Wood Machinist working in our factory. Simon enables our teams to accomplish manufacturing targets through collaboration and effective distribution of information.

Senior Project Manager

Tristan Tudge


Tristan started working at AWM back in 1998 as a Cabinet Maker and has successfully progressed to where he is today. Tristan is responsible for managing the project team and ensuring projects and programs are executed to the highest standards.

Logistics Manager

Vicki Bright


Boasting over 30 years in the industry, Vicki is responsible for coordinating and liaising with everyone from the Principle Client to Project Managers, all the way through to anyone involved throughout the project.

Production Manager

Paul Parsons


Paul has over 10 years experience with AWM, working across multiple departments throughout the business, giving him a keen insight into how the organization works at all levels.

Site Supervisor/Manager

Brad Johnson


Brad has been an integral part of AWM for well over 10 years and is an inspiring leader whose work ethic and attention to detail rubs off on those around him.

Factory Manager

Jason Wilson


Jason has been with AWM for…

AWM Amaroo & the KARI Foundation


AWM Amaroo was co-founded in 2020 by Ant Scotts & Ric Lewarne and Dan Mason. As a Supply Nation Registered company, AWM Amaroo brings together innovative Australian manufacturing and time-honoured Aboriginal culture. AWM and AWM Amaroo have a long relationship with the KARI Foundation, and through their Lead with Culture Program AWM have employed four Aboriginal youth in apprenticeship roles.

Click here to read more about our partnership with AWM Amaroo.

Quality Product


We are an environmentally conscious company, we can’t afford not to be. Many of our products are certified and we continue to refine and improve our product offering to meet further Australian and International standards. It’s at the heart of our work.

Certification for a
full Environmental
Management System

Certification for a
full Quality
Management System

Certification for a
full Management System



AWM is committed to adopting processes and and practices aimed at reducing our environmental footprint whilst maintaining a superior level of quality. As a result of our diligence and leadership in this area, AWM is certified for a number of quality and environmental accreditations that acknowledge our commitment to producing superior quality products with as little environmental impact as possible.