Transforming Workplaces Nationwide: A Collaborative Pilot Project with PMG Group

The Challenges

In the process of fitting out the space, several challenges emerged, primarily centred around the functionality of specific areas – the boardroom, work area and break out area.

The client had previously utilised movable training-style desks within the boardroom, separated by operable walls. However, this setup had raised concerns about its professional appearance, to the point the client wasn’t proud to host their clients within their own office.

To address this, PMG worked with AWM to craft a bespoke fixed Drum + Base boardroom table featuring exquisite shark-nose edges in a space that could open up to the break out area if required, a solution that garnered unanimous approval and brought on another challenge.

The boardroom needed to accommodate the dynamic usage of space when the operable wall was opened. Rather than remove or rework the boardroom space and table, TV monitors were installed at swivelled angles, ensuring that the content displayed was visible to both the boardroom and the breakout area when required.

It wasn’t all work and no play for this client. The final challenge was incorporating a game table into the space. A foldable design was initially proposed as it could be moved out of the breakout area when not in use. However, the client ultimately opted for a fixed ping pong table with a more permanent presence after seeing how well AWM’s rendered design and suggested finishes fit in with the space and aesthetic.

The Final Result

The exceptionally sleek workspace has wowed everyone involved. The feedback from senior executives and the property management team has been overwhelmingly positive.

Garnering praise from the IT department, a notoriously discerning group, speaks volumes about the project’s success. They love the colour scheme, they love the functionality of their work space and the office as a whole. The boardroom table, in particular, surpassed everyone’s expectations, leaving them feeling a sense of pride and renewed energy within the workspace.

Thanks to the fantastic collaboration on all fronts on this projects, PMG Group is now working with the client is now transforming all their workplaces across the country.

When asked about working with AWM on this project and others, Senior Designer Nina says, “We love working with AWM. AWM provide some of the best renders and quoting systems out there, so it’s really clear what we’re going to get. There are of course bumps on the road and there’s hiccups, and we are picking up on what needs to be changed or what needs to be re-looked at, but AWM are great at doing a lot of the thinking for us as well. So they’re not going in taking all of our words as golden. They’re actually challenging what we are proposing. It’s a partnership when we work with AWM and we are delivering a great product at the end and nobody’s going, ‘that’s your responsibility and that’s ours.’ It’s just a joint effort.”

Designer: PMG Group

Builder: PMG Group

Location: Parramatta

Completion Date: 2023

Photography: Oliver Ford

We had a fantastic opportunity to work with our client, PMG Group, on a pilot project for one of their esteemed clients. Once complete, this project would lead to a series of fitouts to transform the client’s offices across the country.

The Brief

The primary objective of this project was to streamline the team’s workspace into a more compact and fresh location. The existing office setup, reminiscent of a 120-degree snowflake configuration, required a revamp. A critical concern the client voiced was the limited visibility across the office. The dated workstations were acting as visual barriers, hindering interactions among the staff.

The overarching goal of the brief was to foster a workspace that would encourage employees to return willingly and feel a stronger sense of camaraderie, addressing the challenge of employees not being aware of each other’s presence in the office.

The central question the fitout aimed to answer: How could we rekindle the allure of the office environment?

Workstation Innovation

A crucial aspect of the project’s success revolved around the workstations, and here, AWM played a pivotal role. The workstations was a sticking point to both management and employees; they were deeply invested in the design and functionality of their individual desks.

Achieving a delicate balance between providing privacy and maintaining visibility was our ultimate challenge. AWM’s proposed workstation solutions proved invaluable in this regard. We collaborated with PMG to custom design workstation screens with chamfered angles on the edges. These screens facilitated cross-communication between colleagues while also ensuring a strong level of back-to-back privacy. The incorporation of sit-stand workstations further enhanced the appeal of the workspace.

Notably, the ability for employees to test these workstations before making a decision was a major selling point, underlining our commitment to providing a workspace that met the end user’s needs and preferences for years to come.