Client: QBE
Construction Manager: MPA
Project Manager: Anthony Brown – CBRE
Interior Designer: Davenport Campbell

The Brief: 
AWM were engaged to produce a workstation solution for QBE that would contribute to a dynamic open environment. In keeping with the iconic address of 8 Chifley Square Sydney AWM developed the simple, sleek, sophisticated solution as per consultations with the designers, Davenport Campbell & Partners thereby providing a workable space for their people.
AWM were briefed on creating the following:
  • ‘The box’ No standard box would be appropriate for this project, so AWM fabricated a functional, rounded, shared, pinnable modern storage box to complement the interior concept of the soft and flowing feel that was in keeping with the designers concept and totally manufactured from the nominated veneer.
  • A 120 degree Monorail was required. AWM needed to redesign Monorail to suit a new configuration. The end result was a successful functional workstation cluster with ‘invisible’ power and data.
  • The jelly bean desk was an engineering first. The curved walls were to be supporting the worktops, each wall had to be exact to ensure strength and stability. AWM also added a specifically designed top cap to suit the flexi desk cluster with a tolerance at 0.5mm throughout which completed the picture. The final outcome was a bespoke solution created for QBE in hand with Davenport Campbell & Partners.
Lead time: Manufacture to Install: 6-8 weeks

Products used in this project