Transforming Mining Industry Office Space in Queensland

The Project

We had the amazing opportunity to work again with a major player in the mining industry, boasting over 20 active mine sites across the country. They had their eyes set on transforming their Queensland office space into a collaborative and modern hub. The mission was clear – create a work environment for their Queensland operations that would cater to both permanent and fly-in-fly-out (FIFO) team members, blending innovation, functionality, and aesthetics to drive productivity and teamwork.

Having already worked with this client before, we had a good understanding of their design preferences and functional requirements for each office space. This prior experience made the planning process smoother, ensuring we were on track to meet the client’s expectations effectively.

The scope was comprehensive, covering everything from workstations and joinery to boardroom tables, breakout chairs, storage units, and acoustic pods for private calls and focused work. We knew that time was of the essence, given the presence of multiple stakeholders and limited site access.

Directly engaging with the client meant navigating the dynamics with the on-site builder and other stakeholders. Effective communication and collaboration were key to ensuring a harmonious working relationship. Additionally, the tight timeline required the utmost efficiency from our team to deliver a successful fitout.

Products and Materials Used

The fitout featured an array of custom-designed products, tailored to meet the client’s needs. From storage units with and without planters to built-in office storage, IT and boardroom joinery, six Hush Booths across three levels, and over 200 Pinnacle workstations with Orio screens – we left no stone unturned. Not to mention, the eight Sofia High Booths for discreet conversations and several boardroom tables, complete with monitor arms and above-desk power solutions.

Finishes of our custom solutions –

  • Pinnacle workstations were finished with Polytec Plantation Ash (woodmatt) with a matching ABS edge square profile, coupled with Orio Screens in Instyle’s Think Plus range, colour Logically.
  • Custom made office storage units finished in Polytec Plantation Oak (woodmatt), with Tesrol Traceless Ultra matt doors and a matching 1mm ABS square profile.
  • Tambour storage units with planters were finished in Polytec 18mm Plantation Ash
  • Lockers’ carcass was made with Polytec Moss Grey, doors finished with Laminex Prelaid Alpaca [Flint] with 1 mm matching ABS edge
  • Sofia High Booths were two-tone upholstered with either our house fabric London Shell or Amber
  • Boardroom and collaboration tables were finished with Navurban The Oaks and a matching 1mm ABS with Sharknose profile

The Results

To say the fitout exceeded expectations is an understatement. The fitout garnered praise from all levels of management and staff, even the IT team couldn’t contain their excitement. Witnessing the transformation of the office space reinforced the power of well-designed environments in boosting employee morale and productivity. This project showcased that even in the mining industry, attention to detail and a commitment to excellence can create extraordinary office spaces that inspire teams and foster an enriching work culture.

End User: Mining Industry

Designer: Woods Bagot

Builder: Buildcorp

Location: Brisbane

Completion Date: 2023

Photography: Leah Desborough