AWM lockers can be manufactured as free-standing items or designed to fit. We can manufacture and install bulkheads, pelmets, cover panels, fillers and kickboards to ensure your lockers fit your space perfectly.

Our lockers are suitable for both dry and wet areas as we use moisture resistant materials throughout. Create peace of mind and keep your storage units secure with a dependable quality locking system, whether it is a keyed or electronic solution, the choice is yours.

Typical Locker Types

Standard Features and Options

Engraved numbering – only available on painted doors
Mail slots – have a clear paint coating over the MR MDF or Plywood substrate
Locking Options Include:
Electronic or Keyed Locking Systems
Public or Private Function on Electronic Locks
Door Finishes Include:
Ravine natural oak
Rebated painted finish
Gloss melamine
Painted finish
Powder-coated steel
Black melamine
Ply clear lacker Melamine
Warranty: 3 years


All of our lockers are custom made to suit your needs.
Typical Module Overall Dimensions
Typical overall height: 1910mm
Typical Width: 350mm – 500mm
Typical Depth: 500mm
Typical Configurations:
Type A: Full height locker door with full length coat hanger and adjustable shelf.
Type B: Two door locker personal/ private with coat hanger.
Type C: Three door personal/ private locker unit.
Type D: Four door personal/ private locker unit.
Type E: Full height twin locker with coat hanger and bag/ shoe storage.
Type F: Two door with planter.