zGonic Monitor Arm

The zGonic monitor arm allows you to achieve your desired viewing angle with ease by tilting, pivoting or swivelling your monitor in any position you want. Increase your work efficiency without compromising on your comfort with dual display capabilities. The Ztwin provides a wider viewing angle and allows you to multi task effectively with two monitors. Attach and detach your devices in one single action with the quick release function.


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Quick release for mounting attachment:

Cable management aligned by cable-management clips

Arm Swivel Range: 360 degrees

Suits 75x75mm and 100x100mm VESA

29% recycled and 99% recyclable content

Black, white or silver colour options

Side-Panel colour options


Warranty: 10 years

Single Arm: 17-30″ monitor / 3-11kg
zGo2 – Double Arm: 28″ per monitor / 3-11kg per monitor
Adjustable tilt: Forward 32.0° / Backward 27.5°
Adjustable pan: +/- 90°

Ztwin Crossbar 777mm: 24″ per monitor / 4.5kg per monitor
Monitor Pivot Range: 90° CW, Portrait/Landscape
Monitor Tilt Range: Forward -5° / Backward 21°

All our dimensions are in millimetres (mm)

Arm reach: 634

Vertical Adjustment: 296

VESA 75 and 100 compliant

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