Nook Desk System

Desk height: 725mm (including top)

Easy to install and maintain


Acoustical benefits

Suited to small quiet spaces and private work points

Available in low (1200mm) or high (1500mm) wall

Pixel and Power Rail power & data options available for above desk

Choice of two-tone or single colour, for inner and outer fabric
Desk top finish and shape


Warranty: 3 years
* The warranty on fabrics and foam is limited to that given by the manufacturer, agent or supplier


The Nook desk system offers a soft and dynamic aesthetic into any open plan landscape with the need to โ€˜create your own spaceโ€™ with hot desks and private booths.

The system has a contemporary, functional design sense setting it apart from other imitations while redefining the flexible and technological capabilities synonymous with AWM.



Height: 1200mm
Width: 1150mm
Depth: 800mm

Height: 1600mm
Width: 1150mm
Depth: 900mm

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