Mera flip table

Creating endless Opportunities.

The Mera flip table is an AFRDI approved folding table that can be used in any combination creating endless opportunities for constructive interaction in training rooms and meeting rooms. All flip tables come with durable locking castors to ensure they are easy to re-configure into new layouts.

Includes matte black or white powdercoat finish to the posts, rails and pull bars
Polished alloy feet and worktop supports
Swiveling castors (2x lockable)

2 pairs of table links included

Strong flip mechanism has safety stay upright locks

25 mm E1 grade – white or oak

Matching 2 mm PVC edge

AFRDI certified

Warranty: 10 years

Modesty option available

Height: 720mm

Width between castors: 580mm, Standard
Worktop depth: 600-900 mm
900 – 1300 mm, Standard length
1200 – 1600 mm, Standard length
1500 – 1900 mm, Standard length
1800 – 2200 mm, Standard length

Width between castors: 760mm, Large
Worktop depth: 800-1050 mm
900 – 1300 mm, Large length
1200 – 1600 mm, Large length
1500 – 1900 mm, Large length
1800 – 2200 mm, Large length

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