Horizon 2.0 by Humanscale

Employs highly energy-efficient Thin Film LED Technology

Even plane of illumination casts just one shadow, removing visual clutter

Internal counterbalance provides effortless positioning

Touch dimming allows users to customize the brightness level exactly to their preference

Streamlined power indicator light will not visually distract

No buttons interface prevents dirt or liquid from entering the fixture

Dimming Range 5% – 100%

White and black colour options


Warranty: 10 years

Humanscale teamed with designers Peter Stathis and Michael McCoy to create the Horizon table light. Humanscale’s Horizon combines minimal modernism and organic forms. Horizon 2.0 enhances the user interface, eliminated PVC and achieved Energy Star 2.0 certification — taking this iconic design to a new level.



Height: 470mm
Max. reach: 381mm
Base: 215mm diameter
Light: 240mm x 97mm

Power Consumption: 9 watts
Lifespan: Up to 50,000 hours
Control: 7 levels of Smart Dimming