Halo Lamps

LED bulb 10W, 800L

Black, Silver and White colour options

Compatible with AWM Monorail system


2J includes 3 stage dimmer


2J and 3J 180 degree pivot for disc base

2J and 3J 360 degree pivot for clamp base


Warranty: 2 years

The slender and attractive design of the Halo lamps, make it a table lamp that will cooperate with any workstation. These lamps doubles as a space defining accessory and a superior provider of ergonomic lighting. 2J and 3J available in a disc or clamp base to suit any workstation



Disc base: 200mm W
Head: 135mm W
Max Height: 990mm
Bottom middle axis: 465mm
Middle top axis: 325mm

Disc base: 200mm W
Head: 135mm W
Max height: 680mm
465mm between axis

Base: 180mm
Head: 120mm
Max height: 630mm
485mm between axis