Diffrient World task chair by Humanscale

Physics-Powered Comfort.

The Diffrient World task chair by Humanscale offers an elegant all-mesh design that seamlessly blends lumbar support with adaptability. Designed by Niels Diffrient, this ergonomic task chair boasts full functionality and complements any modern office environment. With its tri-panel mesh and physics-based design, this chair provides customised back support, making it the perfect choice for those seeking comfort and style.


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Mechanism-Free Recline Action.


The Diffrient World task chair features an innovative, mechanism-free recline action that utilises the laws of physics to provide personalised support for each individual user. By harnessing the user’s body weight, this groundbreaking technology offers automatic and balanced support throughout the entire range of motion, ensuring maximum comfort and support.

Personalised Back Support.


Diffrient World boasts a backrest that is designed with patented Form Sensing Mesh Technology, which leverages the laws of physics to eliminate the need for a separate lumbar support. This innovative technology ensures that the chair’s backrest conforms perfectly to the sitter’s entire back, providing a custom fit and eliminating the need for manual adjustments. By eliminating pressure points, this feature offers maximum comfort and support to the user.

Comfort-Optimised Design.


The Diffrient World task chair features a lightweight design that replaces the standard cushion seat with a non-stretch, low-abrasion mesh for maximum comfort. By eliminating the front edge of the chair, which can cause pressure on the knees and thighs, this feature ensures long-lasting comfort and total support for every user. This innovative design solves the enduring problem of hard edges and contact stress, providing a comfortable sitting experience for extended periods of time.

Mechanism-free, self-adjusting recline that uses physics and body weight to automatically provide appropriate support and resistance and maintain near-constant eye level during recline

Auto-adapting backrest that automatically adjusts to provide additional lumbar support as you shift positions

Low-abrasion tri-panel non-stretch mesh back and mesh seat for an automatic custom fit without damaging your clothes

Size-adjustable settings for seat height and depth to fit wide range of body sizes

Armless model available

Lightweight design

Frame-less front edge eliminates contact stress behind the knee

Frame options are available in black, grey and chrome finish

Certified net-positive by The International Living Future Institute under their Living Product Challenge

Warranty: 15 Years

Lead time: 6-8 weeks depending on customisation

Origin: U.S.

Base size: 635mm

Height: 931-1051mm

Width with arms: 660m

Width without arms: 495mm

Recline range: 17 degrees recline + 8 degrees backrest tilt

Chair weight with arms: 14kg

Chair weight without arms: 12.9kg

Weigh capacity: 136kg

Stackable: no

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What is a net positive product?

Net positive products are designed to go beyond being just “less bad” for the environment and society, and instead aim to create a positive impact by improving social and environmental conditions. Products that are net positive have been designed and manufactured using sustainable materials and practices, and helps its end users and community.

Diffrient World is one example of a net positive product being climate, water and energy positive. It’s part of Humanscale’s majority of products that are certified net-positive.

Our Supply Partner: Humanscale

Humanscale are a leading designer and manufacturer of ergonomic products that improve health and comfort of office-life as well as the environment. Their award-winning office solutions, including self-adjusting seating like Diffrient World, monitor arms and task lights, inspire movement and support the user in every posture.

AWM are proud to have Humanscale as one of our supply partners, providing their sustainable solutions on several projects. Learn more about Humanscale here.