Delta A Fixed Height Workstation

The Delta A Fixed Height workstation is a leg systems that is available in a range of sizes and configurations, and can be used with our cost effective F5 screen system which adds colour and practically to the office, or our innovative Monorail rail system designed to grow with your workspace.

– Storage Boxes
– Shelves
– Screens – F5 or Monorail
– Monitor Arms
– USB outlet
– Ethernet & Power options
– The cable flap is in laminate to match the bench-top
– Aluminium- any choice of powder coat colou

WARRANTY:  10 years


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The Monorail system is designed to increase work place organization and productivity with a variety of interchangeable accessories, making it easily adaptable to ever-changing needs and work styles. With easy access to the data and power outlets through a well-concealed flip-top component panel and clever management of cables beneath the work station means you can stay connected whilst keeping your work area uncluttered, safe and hazard-free.

The Monorail can grow and adapt to you existing cluster keeping up with your ever-changing needs and work styles. This rail system allows you to personalise your work area with a variety of accessories designed to increase work place organisation. The cable flap is in laminate to match the bench-top, and the aluminium Delta leg can be powder coated with your choice of colour.

GECA Certified – Level A accreditation

Acrylic & Ply Screens, Storage Boxes, Shelves, Fabric Screens, Echo Panel, Whiteboard, Monitor Arms, Planter Box, USB outlet and Ethernet & Power


The F5 desk mounted screen system provides the cost effective solution for those offices requiring a little diversity, colour and inspiration. Easily reconfigured, recyclable and it’s re-usable properties ensures the F5 is not only environmentally friendly, it delivers core elements of strength and stability. Both desk mounted or in-desk units are available, with optional power and data above or below.

GECA Certified – Level A accreditation

Cable trays/Two tiered cable basket, Umbilical cords, Soft wiring, Whiteboard, Document tray, Pens holder, Desk mounted shelf, Name plate, Fabric (with or without foam backing) and Echo Panel (pin board)


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