AWM Series Monitor Arm

The AWM Series Monitor Arm, with its cleverly designed lever-action system provides easy adjustment, attachment and removal of the modular components. Display height, optimal viewing angle and orientation can be set to individual requirements. Built from lightweight and yet durable aluminium, the mount can be easily recycled at the end of its life – Perfect for applications where display height does not require frequent adjustment.

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Easy to install and re-configure with quick display release and arm fixing mechanism

Built-in optional arm rotation limiters to prevent interference with walls, partitions or other displays

Three points of articulation and landscape to portrait rotation

Able to support up to 6 monitors

Black, silver and white aluminium finish

Bolt through or desk clamp mounting options

Dynamic option available

Single Arm: 43″ monitor / 12 kg
Double arm: 30″ per monitor / 12 kg each
3 arms: 24″ per monitor / 9 kg each
4 arms: 30″ per monitor / 12 kg each

Warranty: 10 Years

All our dimensions are in millimetres (mm)

400 pole with 460 monitor arm
400 pole with 2x 460 monitor arms
400 pole with 3x 460 monitor arms
750 pole with 4x 460 monitor arms

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