Australians Prefer to Buy Australian Made.

It wasn’t that long ago when importing goods from overseas was the name of the game. Buy it cheap and sell it high and in bulk. Quality was not the priority. While this practice might have been profitable in the past, it is becoming less viable today, especially in Australia.

The Buy Australian sentiment is the highest it’s been in decades.

According to the latest Roy Morgan Market Research, 93% of Australians say they are more likely to buy products made in Australia.

Michele Levine, CEO, Roy Morgan, says ‘although there are questions about Australia Day as our national day, preference for Australian-made goods is growing when one considers 93% of Australians would be more likely to buy a product that is marked ‘made in Australia’.

The research also indicates that 89% of Australians believe more manufacturing should be undertaken in Australia, and 74% are concerned with the number of overseas products sold in Australia.




It Often Takes a Crisis to Create Change.

The last 2 years have had a marked impact on just about every facet of our lives. However, one positive is it has exposed our dependence on overseas products.

With disrupted supply chains, overreliance on imported goods has damaged parts of our economy. The upside of this has been a sharp rise in Australian Made sentiment. A reset of our focus on bringing it all home again.

Why not…Australia is rich with resources, highly skilled labour, and upholds exceptional standards. We can and should be much more self-reliant than we have been.



By Choosing Australian Made Products:

There is great benefit to all Australians when we reset our sights on buying Australian made.

  • Support local jobs and businesses
  • Support our economy
  • Peace of mind that service and warranties are within Australia
  • Get to see products before you buy them
  • No shipping delays and fluctuating exchange rates affecting price
  • The feel-good factor



AWM – a True Australian Made Story!

At AWM, we have not just jumped the bandwagon. Through good times and bad, we have been a bastion of Australian manufacturing for nearly 30 years and weathered just about every kind of storm imaginable.

Throughout the pandemic, we have been building a state-of-the-art sustainable manufacturing facility in Fairfield. We have used predominantly locally sourced products, technology, and labour. We support over 150 local businesses in our supply chain.

With our AWM-Amaroo arm and partnership with the KARI Foundation we don’t just support Australian made – we are Australian Made. It’s what we live and breathe every day! Read our Six Key Reasons to Buy Australian Made.

You can read more about the AWM story from humble beginnings to now at the link here.