Monico is a modular chair designed for executive and task offices. With a ‘Y’ shaped brace with adjustable lumbar support, as well as a bent backrest, Monico gives the entire family its own identity with smooth transitions and highly aesthetic design.

It’s all in the backrest! In order to provide optimum support for the back when sitting, an ergonomic office chair must have a backrest that supports the upper body of the user in every phase of the sitting. The additional lumbar support for upholstery backrests is height and depth adjustable by handwheel. A height-adjustable lumbar support is included as standard in all seat backrests.

Monico comes with a variety of different backrests. It is the heart of the chair and is therefore also the most striking building block. You have the choice between mesh and upholstery backrests, which in turn are available in many variations.

Designer: Justus Kolberg

Seat width: 47cm
Seat depth: 40-46cm
Seat height: 42-54cm
Backrest width: 45cm
Backrest height: 65cm
Total height: 119cm
Total width: 67/70cm
Total depth: 86cm

9 Armrest types
Variety of colours and fabrics
Five mechanisms
7 base types
5 castor types
2 Seat types


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